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Unleash your corporate entrepreneurs

– An event together with Cytiva and Scania Trucks

Date: 8:30-9:15 AM (CEST)

12 April

It has never been more relevant for companies to be able to thrive in highly uncertain times. Leaders find themselves in both high and omnipresent uncertainty. No area of your business is left untouched by changing conditions, and there is no predictability or stability in sight.

Introducing: corporate-wide entrepreneurship

Corporate entrepreneurship brings many benefits to your business. One of the most impactful benefits is the capability to de-risk ideas fast and cheap before investing a lot of money, time and focus in a “dead horse”, enabling your organisation to channel money and resources towards the bets worth taking.

Bring corporate entrepreneurship to your business with the Implement innovation accelerator. It can act as a growth driver and a strategy implementation engine, and it can fast-track operational efficiency as well as create and empower cross-BU teams and much more.

A morning with two entrepreneurial corporates

In this webinar, we will explore how Scania Trucks and Cytiva have fostered corporate-wide entrepreneurship running their respective and unique versions of the Implement innovation accelerator and how they have adapted it to their business needs during years of hypergrowth and economic challenges.

From Cytiva, we are joined by Simon Stubbs as well as Paul Michael with combined experience of 35+ years of designing and implementing innovation engines across large bioscience corporations.

From Scania Trucks, we are joined by innovation manager Anton Wieselblad, who has been a key driver behind their Innovation Factory that started more than 5 years ago.

At the event, you will get access to:
  • Ways to enable your employees to take ownership of your strategy
  • Perspectives on how to find and nurture entrepreneurial talent hidden in your company
  • A sneak peek into a process that transforms loose ideas into investable proposals in just 10 weeks
  • A new mindset leaders can adopt to act like investors navigating an uncertain present and an unforeseeable future
After the event, you will be able to:
  • Supplement your top-down strategy execution with this bottom-up exploration and execution engine
  • Identify areas of your business where you should be applying a de-risking mindset and toolbox
  • Explore practical ways of truly empowering and energising your employees in your most important strategic ambitions

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The event is hosted online.

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When (CEST)
12 April 2023
8:30 AM - 9:15 AM
Lasse Korsholm Poulsen
René Bach Lundgaard
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