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The business value of hyperautomation

How to harvest business benefits from hyperautomation today, tomorrow and in the future

Date (CEST)

26 May

How do you take on a successful value realisation mindset and succeed with your hyperautomation efforts – both in the short and long term?

Through real-life examples from one of our clients, we will show you how you, in only a few weeks, can discover a vast amount of automation potential with a top-down, strategic approach. Also, you can learn how to utilise Generative AI in the future as an addition to the hyperautomation suite to generate business value.

In the past 5-7 years, many companies have embarked on an automation journey, utilising low-code tools, such as RPA, chatbots and workflow engines, to take out operational cost and boost customer satisfaction.

However, many companies experience limited value realisation. As many as 2/3 of automation projects do not obtain the expected business value from implementing automation technology. Impacted by not being able to combine organisational silos and local IT and obtain end-to-end automation.

With an automation toolbox approach, you can broaden your process discovery and quickly obtain the benefits of existing and new technology within your company. This enables a faster ROI which can fuel a broader global expansion with identification and delivery across the entire value chain. A strategy that can help your organisation take the next leap in your automation journey without investing heavily up front.

A morning on hyperautomation and powering your automation journey with Telia

We have invited Telia to elaborate on how the concept of hyperautomation has powered their new automation journey. They are currently experiencing a substantial increase in business value coming from their automation solutions and will elaborate on the details of how they got started.

The morning webinar will conclude with a look into the future of automation by means of Generative AI tools like Microsoft 365 Copilot. This leading edge of technology has already demonstrated how large amounts of information can be understood and presented to business users in an easily digestible way. But how does this new technology impact the hyperautomation space, and where should it be utilised to increase the automation rate even further?

Join us for an inspiring webinar on the concept of hyperautomation today, tomorrow and in the future!


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Our perspective on hyperautomation
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Succeeding with hyperautomation
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Generative AI and the future of hyperautomation 


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The event is hosted online.

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26 May 2023
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM