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– An opportunity to get inspired on how your company can become fit for a more sustainable future

Sustainability network in Copenhagen
Dates (CEST)
Event series in Copenhagen:
25 April & 13 June 2023
Meetings will be in the afternoon at 15:30-17:30.

Are you looking for a space to get inspiration on how to identify risks and opportunities regarding sustainability in your company – and take the next step in your sustainability journey?

As a key sustainability professional in your organisation, we would like to invite you to an exclusive series of events in Copenhagen after working hours.

At the events, you will get the chance to meet sustainability peers from across industries to discuss, learn and explore together.

Some essential questions that you might be facing:

  1. CSRD and ESRS are here, and reporting metrics have been defined – now what?
    The practical steps to collecting data, monitoring and acting.
  2. Ambitions and targets have been set for your organisation (could be SBT or biodiversity) – now what?
    How to develop a transition plan and roll it out.
  3. Zooming in on supply chain reductions, it is clear that this is an emission hotspot – now what?
    How to work with sourcing and procurement to achieve a sustainable supply chain.
  4. Leadership wants sustainability on the agenda – now what?
    How to mobilise middle management and the rest of the organisation to achieve non-financial goals.

Our aspiration is to provide you with insights and perspectives that will help you embrace the sustainability agenda and be proactive and bold in how you drive a sustainability agenda in your company – and across your value chain.

An exclusive series of events in Copenhagen

This series of after-work meetings will build on each other and prepare you for taking the next step towards sustainability. From each meeting, you will take home some core questions to investigate in your own organisation so that you become wiser as we move along, also in your own specific context.

Furthermore, we aim to facilitate explorative and fruitful conversations between peers so that you can inspire and learn from each other as well.

We recommend that you participate in all four sessions. We will plan the first two sessions before July and reassess the format to make the most of the last two sessions in H2 2023.

In addition, we would like to offer three of the participants who have attended all the sessions an EcoVadis pre-sustainability assessment by one of our certified colleagues who will come and help you figure out how to start or accelerate your sustainability efforts.

The first event will be on 25 April, the second on 13 June 2023.



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Implement Consulting Group
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25 April & 13 June 2023
All meetings will be from 15:30-17:30.

Charlotte Mandrup Hansen

The event is free of charge.