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Strategy reimagined

Innovating attractive futures for your organisation

In a world dominated by disruptive, unexpected and fast change, we think that extrapolating the past is an obsolete guiding principle for a strategy process. 

A small minority of companies seem to be able to tap into the new world with extraordinary vigour and creativity and show us the way forward. Common for them is that they have grasped the notion of changing paradigms and are able to capitalise on them. They have rightsized their strategic actions and found their attractive future – and are relentlessly executing on it.

Exploring how to innovate attractive futures for your organisation

On 10 March 2022, we embarked on a journey of innovating attractive futures with the outstanding Harvard professor of business administration Gary Pisano, author of the 2019 Harvard Business Review article of the year “The Hard Truth About Innovative Cultures” and the exceptional CEOs of two leading Swiss brands Daniel Bossard (Bossard) and Stephan Wartmann (BRUGG Group).

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Interview: Gary Pisano

Interview: Daniel Bossard

Interview: Stephan Wartmann

What makes a successful leader within innovation?

Gary Pisano:
They do three things really well and they do all three of them

How to achieve radical innovation?

Gary Pisano:
 You must allocate resources

How to achieve radical innovation?

Gary Pisano:
You need a different approach


Together, we explored what it means and what it takes to innovate attractive futures for your organisation and propose three new paradigms:

  1. Strategy is Innovation: Gary Pisano is a thought leader and researcher at the Harvard Business School when it comes to innovation and strategy agility. Strategy equals organisational renewal and thrives not primarily on compliance but on a culture that allows for ambiguity – especially if you want to get radical innovation right. Gary inspired us on how to turn entrepreneurial attitude into a disciplined, systematic and easily deployable capability.
  2. Strategy is Democratic: Daniel Bossard is the owner and CEO of Bossard. Bossard has included many hundreds of colleagues in its strategy and unleashed incredible organisational energy. Daniel showcased how to make better choices and generate impact by engaging all parts of the organisation in strategising.
  3. Strategy is Continuous: Stephan Wartmann is the CEO of BRUGG, the leading company when it comes to helping build the world’s infrastructures. BRUGG cut loose its longest standing part and thus DNA of the business to fully focus on the sustainability revolution. BRUGG helped us see how transformation is understood as a continuous endeavour focusing on leadership rather than management.

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The event was hosted online.

When (CET)
10 March 2022 - 10 March 2027