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Leadership for sustainability

Unleashing leadership for sustainability transformation

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2 November 2022

What questions must leaders dare to ask to move their organisations from compliance to sustainability transformation?

The burning platform for sustainability has – without a doubt – never been clearer than now. And so, companies are introducing ambitious targets and setting sustainable strategies. But for organisations to keep up with the speed at which the demand for sustainability is developing, they need to answer two essential questions:

  1. How might we as leaders need to think differently to unleash sustainability transformation? 
  2. How might we mobilise the entire organisation to take ownership and encourage change from the bottom up, unleashing sustainability transformation? 

At this first event, we uncover the first question by exploring what questions leaders must dare to ask to unleash sustainability transformation.

Compliance or transformation?

What will it require from you as a leader to unleash the transformational power that lies in the sustainability challenge?

At the event, you will be presented with different perspectives from which you can lead your sustainability journey and what it takes to move your organisation from compliance to transformation.

Also, we will share insights into what we believe leadership for sustainability must entail today to build the organisations of tomorrow.

Joining the event, you will gain:
  • Inspiration for the paradigm shift necessary to fuel new conversations in your organisation
  • Insights into what barriers you must overcome as a leader to unleash a sustainability transformation

Join us for this short inspiration session that may spark your curiosity and courage and make you change the conversation in your organisation just a little bit.

Two events on sustainability transformation

This event is part of two interlinked sessions on a topic of our time: sustainability transformations. The second event addresses movements for sustainability and how you make sustainability a crucial part of the decision-making of every employee in your organisation.

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Practical information


The event is hosted online.

A link will be sent before the webinar starts.

2 November 2022
8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

The event is free of charge.