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Mastering integrated business planning

– A blueprint for success

Date (CEST)

30 March


Gutenbergstrasse 9
8002 Zurich

How can you successfully bring integrated business planning (IBP) to life?

S&OP managers have always had the ambition to strike the balance between an efficient, sustainable and resilient supply chain. While this has never been easy to achieve, the events occurring over the last year have truly uncovered who has learnt from their past mistakes.

We have seen lost opportunities due to supply shortages, uncertainty driven by the war in Ukraine and geopolitics as well as extreme weather events putting sustainability and climate change at the top of the agenda. All these events have shaken the perceived stable status quo of the 2010s. Now more than ever, it is therefore crucial to build excellent supply chain planning capabilities for organisations to survive and thrive in these turbulent times and to grow sustainably.

An afternoon on resilient and synchronised supply chains

Join us for an afternoon full of inspiration. With our exciting speakers and co-hosted by SAP, we will zoom in on how to go from a reactive to a resilient and synchronised supply chain. SAP will give you the latest insights into the world-leading cloud solution for end-to-end planning.

Are you curious to get first-hand insights into how our customers are bringing IBP to life? Ready to hear the secrets to fast rollout and implementation and to learn more about recent innovations from SAP IBP in the area of integrated business planning? This is your opportunity!





Introduction to SAP & Implement Consulting Group


The integrated business planning journey
by Swarovski (Christian Troy) and Implement Consulting Group


Mingle & Break


Build a resilient and sustainable Supply Chain by synchronizing business decisions
by SAP (Anna Linden)


Mingle & Break


Coffee Sessions I

  • Extended Planning & Analysis enabled by SAP IBP and SAC
  • The secret to a successful project? Focus on the human side of IT implementations
  • How to embed sustainability in Supply Chain Planning



Coffee Sessions II

  • SAP IBP E2E: Look & Feel
  • Leveraging the power of gamified learning to ensure end-to-end process understanding

Mingle & Apéro

Sign up today and learn more about:
  • Increasing resilience in your supply chain by synchronising business decisions
  • First-hand customer stories about how to succeed with best practices and SAP IBP
  • Making your IBP process more effective by leveraging cutting-edge features of SAP IBP such as order-based planning and the optimiser
  • Kicking off your IBP sustainability journey in 2023
  • The human side of IT implementations and why this is the key to success

After the sessions, we will serve an apéro, providing you with the opportunity to network with other supply chain professionals in a relaxing atmosphere.

See you in Zurich!

(Sounds exciting but unable to make it? Good news, we got you covered. Participate in our virtual event on 6 April 2023.)

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Implement Consulting Group
Gutenbergstrasse 9

8002 Zurich

When (CEST)
30 March 2023
4:00 PM - 7:30 PM

The event is free of charge.

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