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Leading with AI

Leadership strategies for AI-driven innovation

Date: 09:00 AM 09:40 AM (CEST)

4 October

How can you successfully lead in the era of AI?

AI has taken the world by storm in the past nine months, and its widespread applications have become apparent to many organisations. But what requirements does an adoption of AI place on our leaders? What role does management play in a successful launch of AI? As with any other large digital transformation, leadership commitment is a prerequisite to win.

In this webinar, we will dive deeper into the role of leadership in AI-driven innovation and propose concrete actions to get started on your AI journey.

This short session will give you:
  • An overview of the development and potential of AI
  • Tools to enable successful leadership in the AI era
When using the learnings, you will be able to:
  • Assess the AI readiness of your organisation
  • Design the needed components for leading AI-driven innovations
  • Learn how to lead your organisation through AI transformations

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The event is hosted online.

A link will be sent before the virtual event starts.

When (CEST)
4 October 2023
9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

The event is free of charge.


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