Event in Copenhagen

Leading successful change projects

How to deliver real, measurable benefits to your organisation

Date (CEST)

15 June

Book release event: get a practical guide to greater value creation

Would you like to realise more benefits from your change projects? Are you an executive, project manager or portfolio manager? Then come and meet Implement and Novo Nordisk and learn more about what you need to do to realise the full benefits potential of your change projects.

At the event, you will get:
  • An introduction to how to create more value in your projects
  • The story of Novo Nordisk’s successful implementation of benefits realisation
  • Cases, tools, templates, videos – and perhaps a book – to get you started

A different view on change projects

At the event, you will be introduced to a number of key points from the new book “Benefits Realisation: The Change-Driven Approach to Project Success”, and you will gain insight into a new method for change and value creation inspired by behavioural design.

It is a new approach to change projects where you let benefits realisation define the project and its direction and link it to behavioural change – the decisive factor of benefits realisation.

Get good advice from Novo Nordisk on implementation of benefits realisation

At the event, Corporate Vice President at Novo Nordisk Poul Henning Poulsen will talk about Novo Nordisk’s implementation of benefits realisation. You will learn about how Novo Nordisk has succeeded in realising more value and what they did to get executives and project managers to change the way they work.

Win a book – or get a special-price offer

You will have the opportunity to win a signed copy of the brand-new book “Benefits Realisation”. We will give out 10 books at the event. The book offers a practical guide to greater value creation at project and portfolio level.

If you are not one of the lucky winners, you can buy one at a special, discounted event price.

Practical information


Pakhus 11
Dampfærgevej 2
2100 Copenhagen


15 June 2022
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Breakfast from 08:00