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Digital lead generation for B2B marketing and sales

Get inspired by how other B2B companies drive high-quality opportunities in the sales pipeline through digital channels


10 March

Many B2B companies have compelling value propositions – a strong value-add and unique, competitive offering – but fail to capture the market opportunity in front of them. Organic top-line growth is often hovering at a few percent or stagnant.

Some of the issues:
  • Reactive sales force: Reps are mostly talking to existing contacts. Limited new biz and limited coverage of the buying centre with existing accounts.
  • Lacking sales of high-margin, value-added services: The base offering (typically products) is driving the volume, but innovative offerings (typically services) are growing slowly.

Digital lead generation offers a fresh perspective. Not fresh in historical terms – the method and technology have been around for decades – but in terms of success adoption by large, leading B2B companies. Digital lead generation can help reach influential stakeholders earlier in the buying process. That brings an imperative for sales to engage in more proactive commercial activities and drives a stronger sales pipeline.

However, the promised land of steady volumes of quality leads is elusive. Many have tried and failed with digital lead generation, typically due to:

  • Low quality leads: Leads (e.g. whitepaper downloads or contact form submissions) are being passed straight to sales with no attempt to enrich or qualify by marketing. Often, only 25-50% of “raw leads” are in fact qualified, leaving sales with too much admin work.
  • Lack of follow-up: Sales don’t call the leads – they are too busy working on existing contacts, and there are no dedicated new biz/“hunter” reps. Although management has the vision of investing in building relationships with new customers, reps don’t share the same long-term perspective. They are incentivised by (and measured on) short-term sales.

What works? A webinar on digital lead generation for B2B marketing and sales

In this webinar, we dive into some of the things we know work through our experience with +15 B2B companies on digital lead generation go-to-market models with 200-1,500% return on marketing investment (ROMI), connecting marketing and sales.

Join our webinar on 10 March to get:
  • A case study with Lasse Falk from Bossard – DKK 3m in sales pipeline in 6 months
  • 6 hands-on dos and don’ts within:
    • Getting high-quality leads: channels and targeting methods
    • Articulating your value proposition: content and messaging
    • Converting leads to sales opportunities: sales handover


Practical information


The event will be hosted online. You will receive a link to join prior to the event. 

When (CET)
10 March 2022
9:00 AM - 9:50 AM

The event is free of charge.