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Commercial plays in times of economic uncertainty

Why you need both defensive and offensive commercial plays in times of trouble


28 September

An economic slowdown is upon us. Order books are cooling off, and investments are postponed. After a decade of unprecedented growth and commercial tailwind, the impact of the pandemic, macroeconomic uncertainty and increasing inflation seem to have caught up with us.

So, commercial leaders need to rethink their priorities. General wisdom says that we need to reduce our operational costs, but what if defensive play is not the right commercial tactic in times of trouble?

Balancing both defensive and offensive commercial plays

Join our upcoming webinar on defensive and offensive commercial plays and learn how commercial leaders must balance the power of “both/and”, doubling down on the combined effect of the revenue equation to win in times of trouble.

At the webinar, we will cover

  • Why commercial leaders need to move beyond “more and faster” and apply a “both/and” mindset for their commercial initiatives
  • How to decide on your strategic commercial plays based on your company’s relative position in the industry

Four specific commercial plays

Specifically, we will dive into four types of offensive commercial plays that you can exploit in times of economic uncertainty:

  • Digital lead generation – how digital channels can help you grow your sales pipeline while simultaneously lowering customer acquisition costs
  • Sales coverage design – how to get more revenue out of your current sales territory while reducing the cost of sales without investing in new sales initiatives
  • Opportunity coaching – how to improve win rates through a structured approach to opportunity coaching
  • Pricing and discount management – how to avoid ruining your margins through excessive discounting in times of economic uncertainty

Do not miss this opportunity to take your commercial initiatives to the next level.

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When (CEST)
28 September 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM