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How do you actually succeed with an agile transformation?


20 April

Join Implement Consulting Group and Michael Moyell Juul, CEO of Nuuday (former TDC), who will give you insights into the agile transformation of Nuuday. At the event, we will also dive into the big question of how your organisation becomes agile and how you make the transformation successful.

Today, the market is at once fluctuating and highly competitive. To survive and develop, businesses need to improve responsiveness whilst maintaining customer satisfaction as their key focus. However, organisations are largely structured in ways that do not provide the required foundation to support both demands sufficiently.

Going agile to meet the demands

Companies that want to increase responsiveness and customer satisfaction are increasingly adapting to agile ways of working. Agile has proved its benefits in IT and software development environments, but also companies that have implemented agile ways of working throughout the entire organisation are now harvesting the benefits of becoming truly agile.

This event is for you if …
  • you are responsible for your company’s growth or business outcome.
  • you and your company are on a change journey towards more agility and faster adaptions to changing markets and customer preferences.
  • you have tried agile methods but want to scale it to the entire organisation.

While being agile has many obvious benefits, companies may find it a daunting task to go from envisioning their organisation as agile to executing and implementing it: How do you start this journey? What are the areas you need to pay more attention to? What can you expect from such a change? And most importantly; how can you create the most sustainable transition without taking unnecessary operational risks?

A conference on driving your agile transformation

At the conference, you can hear more about the elements of the successful execution of an agile transformation combined with real-life insights from Nuuday (formerly TDC). For the latter, we will be joined by Nuuday’s CEO, Michael Moyell Juul, who will share his insights from driving the agile transformation of Nuuday. After the keynote speech by Michael Moyell Juul, you will get the chance to deep dive into topics chosen by you, when Implement experts host five different café sessions. During the conference, you will get to select three sessions with the topics you find most interesting and relevant for your organisation’s agile transformation journey.

At the event, we will dive into:
  • A case that shows a real-life example of a large agile transformation journey.
  • Steps towards transforming and building an agile organisation across all levels.
  • Perspectives on how the different areas of your organisation are affected when moving towards continuous agility.



Breakfast and mingle


Welcome and introduction


Inspirational talk

By Michael Moyell Juul, CEO Nuuday



With Michael Moyell Juul and agile experts from Implement Consulting Group


Café round #1 


Café round #2 


Café round #3 


Recap and goodbye



Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Strandvejen 56
2900 Hellerup

20 April 2020
8:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Christian Mark Christensen
Frederik Brenøe Lange

The event is free of charge.

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