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Opening in Dusseldorf, we will start building our presence in one of Germany’s heavy industries and production hot spots. One of our focus areas in Dusseldorf will be the German pharmaceutical industry as well as clients in the Netherlands.

Who we are

At Implement, we are in the business of helping, and we count ourselves extraordinarily lucky to work with major organisations, helping them solve their most critical challenges.

Irrespective of the sectors in which the consultants work, in the end it is also about putting people in the foreground

This calls for extreme subject matter expertise – which in turn calls for dedication and mastery. In order to be the best at something, we believe that you should immerse yourself in your interests, let your curiosity drive you and never stop.

We believe that combining autonomy with a drive to collaborate and a feeling of belonging to something bigger than ourselves creates exactly that environment of trust and engagement that truly enables us to help people and organisations solve their most critical business challenges.

Our core consulting principles of authenticity, impact, people, importance and energy are in perfect alignment with those of our original Danish company. When implementing change, we involve our clients to a very high degree. We call this collaborative consulting, and it includes a positive atmosphere, great energy and visual methods to facilitate dialogue.

Read more about our approach here.

Want to help us build our Dusseldorf tribe?

Located near many excellent universities, we hope to soon build a local tribe of well-educated and experienced consultants. Joining Implement in Dusseldorf, you will become part of a unique Scandinavian-rooted culture with a remarkable DNA.

How you progress at Implement, and what level you reach for, is for you to decide. Often, this is done together with your leader, who – at Implement – is chosen by you, and who is there to guide you to become everything you aim to be.

Read more about our defining DNA here. 

As our future colleague, you can expect to:

  • Join a start-up environment with great opportunities to shape both your own and our joint work environment
  • Be part of a young and committed team
  • Work with some of the major players of the pharmaceutical industry or our clients in the Netherlands
  • Be part of a culture with low hierarchy, open feedback and a high degree of self-responsibility

We hope that Implement will serve as a playground for your talent to flourish.

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E: germany@implement.eu

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