Event in Copenhagen

Digital Prototyping

Make possible futures come alive in a digital age


13 November 2018

In too many strategic discussions, we see a limitation in the ability to anticipate possible futures. As decision-makers, we often spend too much time and resources in meetings, where we discuss if strategic options are both desirable and feasible. We believe that one prototype is worth 1,000 of such meetings.

As humans, we are not new to the art of prototyping. And it is neither new nor more complex to prototype in a digital world. However, we experience that many organisations still struggle to leverage prototyping and integrate new insights into their strategic choice-making.

Regardless of the amount of well-structured analysis, potential new solutions will never make or break before they are put in front of real potential customers. Therefore, prototyping is crucial in order to keep an outside-in perspective and make possible futures feel alive and thus, succeed in our modern business context.

Get insights from our work with digital prototyping.

At this half-day event, you will get insight from our work with digital prototyping. Recently, we partnered with ustwo to boost the ability to support our clients end-to-end in digital innovation. From initial strategic choice-making, all the way to the market with cool, impactful, digital solutions. From this work, we have a number of key learnings that will be the centre point of this half-day event in mid-November.

During the event, we will showcase prototyping examples that could help you:
  • Increase hit rate – focussed investments in solutions that will make a real difference
  • Go faster to market – MVP (minimum viable product) solutions to learn faster
  • Go cheaper to market – feedback from real customers to fail fast
  • Be more engaging – engage customers to learn and build brand perception

We know it’s not easy. The field of digital innovation and strategy is challenged by buzzwords and young technologies that sometimes make it hard to derive value. During this morning session, we will therefore present you with perspectives on how to improve the way we leverage digital prototyping.

Participants will get:


  • Mads Lacoppidan, General Manager & Head of Consumer Division, ALK
  • Marcus Woxneryd, Chief Strategy Officer, Owner at UsTwo
  • René Bach Lundgaard, Partner at Implement Consulting Group



Breakfast and networking


Welcome and introductions


Why digital prototyping is crucial

...for your organisation


Different types of prototyping

...and cool cases to learn from


Breakout sessions: Putting prototyping to work

  • Strategy testing
  • Public sector learnings
  • Prototyping in practice

How to get insights into strategic choice-making


Wrap-up and a grab-and-go lunch

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Strandvejen 54
2900 Hellerup

13 November 2018
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Free of charge

The event is closed for registration.

The pace of change is accelerating with both technologies and customer expectations changing rapidly. This makes it hard to navigate today’s digitally dominated business world if you’re not a digital company at heart. Examples of this are:

  1. Blockbuster didn’t make Netflix
  2. Walmart didn’t make Amazon
  3. Kodak didn’t make Instagram
  4. Universal didn’t make Spotify
  5. Hilton didn’t make Airbnb

… Because they were not “digital” companies.

A digital company is designed for rapid business innovation and quickly captures new value using digital technologies and a culture of innovation and agility. If a large traditional organisation wants to develop a culture of innovation and agility, it means challenging some sacred cows and teaching an elephant to dance. It's no small feat.

However, prototyping is a great tool to gather around, as it makes business ideas not only feel alive, but come alive. The saying is that "if a picture is worth 1000 words, a solid prototype is worth 1000 meetings".