Developing Organisational Agility

A case on how to build a stable backbone to handle constant change


26 November 2020

Is your organisation as responsive and adaptive as it needs to be?

Organisational agility is about being responsive to constant change. And having a stable backbone to absorb and adjust ongoing feedback – both from internal and external sources.

But what kind of a transformation is necessary for this to happen? Join us for insights and inspiration from Michael Moyell Juul, CEO of Nuuday, who will share the real-life story of an entire organisation undergoing an agile transformation.

As today’s highly-competitive and eternally-fluctuating market continues to challenge businesses, survival and growth both depend increasingly on the ability to respond fast to change while maintaining focus on customer satisfaction. The reality, however, is that most organisations are not structured in a way that can support these two demands sufficiently.

Going agile to meet demands

Companies that want to increase responsiveness and customer satisfaction are increasingly adapting to agile ways of working. Agile has proven its benefits in IT and software development environments, but also companies that have implemented agile ways of working throughout the entire organisation are now harvesting the benefits of becoming truly agile.

While agile has many obvious benefits, companies may find it a daunting task to go from envisioning their organisation as agile to executing and implementing it. How do you start this journey? What are the areas you need to pay attention to? What can you expect from such a change? And, most importantly, how can you create the most sustainable transition without taking unnecessary operational risks?

At the event, we will dive into:
  • A case that provides a real-life example of a large agile transformation journey.
  • What Organisational Agility is and why you should develop it.
  • Steps towards transforming and building Organisational Agility across all levels of the organisation.
This event is for you if …
  • You are responsible for your company’s growth or business outcome.
  • You and your company are on a change journey towards more agility and faster adaption to changing markets and customer preferences.
  • You have tried agile methods but want to scale it to the entire organisation.

A conference on driving agile transformation

Join us to learn more about Organisational Agility and get real-life insights from Nuuday (formerly TDC).

At the event, we will be joined by Nuuday’s CEO Michael Moyell Juul who will share his insights from driving the agile transformation at Nuuday.

You will also get inspiration on what it takes to achieve Organisational Agility, which enables organisations to be responsive and change direction faster. You will get to learn more about the elements of Organisational Agility and get an introduction on how to develop it and how to develop a stable internal backbone with the ability to absorb and adjust for both internal and external feedback. 





Implement’s viewpoint on agile

By Frederik Brenøe Lange, Implement. 

  • Why agile organisations
  • Three areas where companies struggle with agility
  • How to develop Organisational Agility
  • The characteristics of Organisational Agility
  • The star model


By Frederik Brenøe Lange and Søren Belling, Implement


Nuuday case

By Michael Moyell Juul, CEO, Nuuday


Recap and next steps on the agile journey

By Søren Belling, Implement


End of programme

Practical information


he event is hosted online.

A link will be sent before the webinar starts

26 November 2020
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

The event is free of charge.