Data & analytics

At Implement Consulting Group, we acknowledge the importance of data and analytics, and we know that in a digital world, data are a key strategic asset, and analytics is a key capability. We help organisations become data-driven and create impact by optimising the entire data value chain.

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Dennis Møller Frederiksen

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Organisations that succeed with digital transformation are characterised by top management recognising the transformational impact of managed and activated data. These organisations have a plan, i.e. a data strategy detailing how data can be used to achieve the desired business outcome.

Machine Learning in today's organisations

A sound data strategy identifies and prioritises activities involving:

  • Data governance
  • Master data management
  • Data quality
  • Data exploration
  • Business intelligence
  • Data science
  • Machine Learning / Artificial intelligence

At Implement Consulting Group, we see the different activities as components of the same value chain. We help organisations build and execute data strategies by optimising both the individual components and how they work together.

We know that data and technology do not exist in a vacuum. Organisations need to transform to create impact. This means changing both business processes and behaviour. Driving these changes is our key differentiator.