Customer relations

– key to profitable growth in a digital age


21 April 2017

More than 120 commercial leaders and specialists joined to discuss how CRM and digitalisation of customer interactions could boost their growth.

April 2017, we had invited Marianne Dahl Steensen, general manager at Microsoft Denmark and Iceland, and Michael Zink, country manager at Salesforce Denmark, to give their perspectives on how CRM can change our customer dialogue and boost commercial performance. Furthermore Vice President Jörg van den Berk, DSB Sales and Chief Customer Officer Rasmus Lynge, Alm Brand shared practical insights and experiences from their work with personalised customer service and targeted communication.

Digital innovation creates new ways to communicate with our customers, and successful CRM stems from leveraging possibilities in every touchpoint in the customer journey. However, many businesses have learnt the hard way that it takes more than technology and a software implementation partner to succeed with CRM – and surveys show that less than 50% of CRM implementations deliver the expected results. Still, a CRM platform represents a golden opportunity to boost the effectiveness of commercial activities, strengthen customer relations and enable profitable growth.

At the event in Hellerup on Friday 21 April 2017 more than 120 commercial leaders and professionals got inspired on:

  • How CRM and digital innovation can change the customer dialogue and interaction
  • How other companies have succeeded with making CRM an enabler of growth and the challenges they have faced in ensuring that CRM becomes more than an IT system
  • How other senior managers from leading Scandinavian companies work with CRM and customer experience


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