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Customer loyalty hunt

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22 April

Would you like to learn how you can use customer insights and improve executional capabilities to reduce churn? Then join us on 22 April 2020 and get inspired by Canal Digital, one of Scandinavia’s largest TV distributors, that combines customer insight and agile execution to improve customer loyalty and retention efforts.

In the classical, transaction-focused paradigm, company executives often tend to overlook customer retention. However, if you invest in reducing churn, you invest in one of the most cost-effective marketing measures you can deploy, which is likely to reward you with high ROI – if you hunt for it smartly.

On 22 April 2020, we would like to deep dive into how focusing on customer loyalty management and churn reduction can help you generate significant business impact – fast. Join us for breakfast and learn how you can build an insight-driven organisation that is equipped to quickly impact churns.

More specifically, get insights on the following key questions:
  • LINKING CHURN TO REVENUE: How can you put churn higher up on the corporate agenda and create a better balance between customer acquisition and retention?
  • INSIGHTS: How can you work to combine quantitative and qualitative analyses to create actionable retention insights?
  • EXECUTION: How can you improve the executional capabilities of your organisation in identifying, designing and quickly implementing churn-reducing initiatives?

When succeeding in these areas, you have the potential of boosting your marketing efforts ‒ leading to increased loyalty. We believe that a strong focus on customer retention is key to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. We call it “customer loyalty hunt”.

Canal Digital: Loyalty hunt – from insight to impact

Scandinavian TV distributor Canal Digital is a market-leading company with +750,000 subscribers across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Delivering a high-quality product, they operate in a market with fierce competition from traditional and new players.

On 22 April 2020, Director Customer Strategy Victorina Demirel and Head of Loyalty & Retention Henning Ruud Olsen will present you with their experiences from having implemented the loyalty hunt approach in Canal Digital NO. Here, they are continuously working to increase executional capabilities related to incremental churn reduction.



Doors open and light breakfast 


Welcome and introduction


Break-out sessions

On linking churn to revenue, insights and execution


Inspiration from Canal Digital 


Wrap-up and key takeaways 


Lunch and networking

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Munkedamsveien 35
N-0250 Oslo

22 April 2020
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Thomas Christian Vasehus
Finn Erling Røgenæs
Guest speakers

From Canal Digital:

Victorina Demirel, Director Customer Strategy 
Henning Ruud Olsen, Head of Loyalty & Retention 


The event is free of charge. 

Please register before

20 April 2020
14:00 (CET)

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