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Create growth movements

– Through experimenting teams


9 September

One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is the rate of change. All we know about the future is that it is uncertain and unpredictable – and that these “unknowns of today” will shape, and maybe completely change, the foundation for tomorrow’s business.

But what if you could take these unknowns and turn them into fuel for your organisation’s future growth?

We believe that the future of predictability is experimentation. And that your ability to thrive in an unpredictable world is determined by your organisation’s speed of change, which correlates with your teams’ speed of learning.

Here, building growth movements is of the essence!

Download the inspirational booklet

In our booklet, we provide you with inspiration for creating a growth movement in your own organisation. In the booklet, you can explore 8 different aspects of growth and how they relate to the individual, the team and the organisation as a whole. Combining several of the aspects creates a stronger foundation for growth and a sustainable movement.

Download the booklet here.

Increase your organisation’s growth through experimenting teams

On 9 September, we will dive into the theme of how you create a growth movement through experimenting teams to drive sustainable growth.

In our view, the team is the focal point in creating growth, because it is in the team that ideas are turned into validated learnings. Therefore, if your organisation lacks growth, your teams may be learning too slow.

To speed up learning, and thus growth, you must fundamentally reimagine how you compose, lead and measure teams. The main task for your teams is to continuously experiment in order to improve your velocity by reducing the time from which the team makes a decision until you have validated learnings.

Join us to explore the dynamics of teams, experimentation and driving sustainable growth.


Studio – Black Box
Nordenskiöldsgatan 24
211 19 Malmo


9 September 2020

We serve breakfast from 07:30.

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7 September 2020
14:00 (CEST)

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