Online event

Create change and value with behavioural design


12 May

This is a repetition of an event in Danish of the same name that was held in 2020.

Design your change in a way that makes it easy to implement

One of the principles of behavioural design is: make it easy.

When you make something easier for someone to do, there is a much better chance of it being done. This also applies when you need to create change. Thus, there is a much greater chance of succeeding with your change if you make it easier for project managers, first-line managers and ambassadors to implement new behaviour in your organisation.

Behavioural change is essential for value creation

Many change projects never realise their full benefits potential, and we know that lack of behavioural change is the primary cause – because behaviour and benefits realisation are closely linked.

However, we are far from investing the same in analysing and implementing a change as we do in our deliverables. As a result, we are making it more difficult for our colleagues, clients and fellow citizens to change behaviour.

Morning meeting on using behavioural design as a basis for change

Are you a manager, and would you like to increase the impact of your development portfolio? Or are you a project manager wanting to create change and more value with your projects? Then join us on for this online event!

At the morning meeting, we will present ways to approach change. You will be presented with an approach to change that is compatible with your current project practice, including tools based on behavioural design and the best of other branches of change management. Tools that you can use to create the change that enables you to realise the full benefits potential of your projects.

Practical information


The event is hosted online.

A link will be sent before the event starts.

When (CEST)
12 May 2021
8:00 AM - 9:45 AM
Mads Ingemann Herskind
Helena Bjørn Bograd

The event is free of charge.