Commercial Excellence Forum in Oslo

Cracking the organic growth code

Part   3: Simplify your sales approach and personalise your messaging to win


20 November 2019

What and how can we change to accelerate sales without adding new resources and products? And how can we design the change to create a significant and lasting impact? Join the third of three Commercial Excellence Forum events in Oslo. 

The repeating circle of revenue growth initiatives

Almost all organisations that we meet have ambitious revenue growth targets. They also spend considerable amounts of resources in order to find ways to achieve them. We often experience that the commercial initiatives are linked to new tools, methods and processes. Frequently, this results in a number of initiatives focused on the frontline, i.e. the sales reps and account managers who are responsible for the day-to-day sales.

These initiatives may provide some increase in revenue, but it is often short-lasting. After a few months, the good intentions of the initiatives wear off, and the revenue growth is back to square one. Soon, new initiatives are introduced, and the cycle starts all over. Does this sound familiar?

The digital world opens up for new opportunities to adapt and align to the customers’ buying process and to tailor solutions to the customers’ needs over time. Learn more about how you can sell more in an easier and more customer-focused way by utilising the digital space when selling.

The practicalities

We will start the event with a short welcome and an introduction to the theme.

Oscar Hovland, founder and consultant at Kogger, is an experienced adviser, speaker and trainer. We have invited him to talk about one of his passions: the importance of understanding the customer – dare to simplify solutions and personalise messages in order to increase relevance and authenticity in the sales process.

We will round off with discussions and thoughts from you as our guests.



Doors open

Light breakfast, coffee and tea.


Introduction and inspiration

Partner Joachim L. Johnsen will give a short introduction to the concept of simplifing your sales approach and personalising your messaging to win.


Topic talk

Oscar Hovland, founder and consultant at Kogger, will share his thoughts on the topic “Simplify your sales approach and personalise your messaging to win in the digitised market space”.


Discussions and wrap-up


Programme ends at 10:00.

Practical informations


Implement Consulting Group,
Munkedamsveien 35,
0250 Oslo,

20 November 2019
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Anders Haug Buvik
Joachim Lupnaav Johnsen
Three events

The event is part of a series of three events on the following dates: 


The events are free of charge.

Commercial Excellence Forum Norway

Inspiration, tools and exchange of experiences. A network for leaders who are passionate about commercial functions.

At Implement Consulting Group, we are heavily inspired by each other and our ambitious customers, who constantly challenge us in their quest for world-class commercial solutions. We know that many of our customers get inspired by discussing challenges with peers and sharing best practice examples within specific areas. That is why we have established the Commercial Excellence Forum.

This autumn, we would like to invite you to participate in three events in the form of short breakfast sessions with organic growth as the central theme. Here, you will have the opportunity to get inspiration from presentations of real cases, work with relevant issues and discuss best practices. You will meet people from companies with the same challenges as your own, and you will have the opportunity to share your experiences with peers.

The Commercial Excellence Forum is targeted at people responsible for sales, marketing and business development. Participation in the network is non-binding and free of charge. A separate invitation will be sent out for each event, and members are free to choose whether they would like to participate in the individual event.

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