Transition towards agile operating models

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Luzius Bäckert

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In a world where change is a constant, many organisations acknowledge the power of agility to achieve sustainable high enterprise performance.

To be fast, adaptive and customer-centric, many companies initiate independent start-up-like units, innovation labs full of colourful sticky notes or a digitalisation strategy. However, these initiatives often fall short of realising the expected benefits, because the core organisation remains untouched and fails to generate growth in existing and adjacent areas of business.

We believe …

… that to reap the full benefits of agility, organisations need to reinvent their core operating model, embrace a new way of collaboration and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit of continuous change and adaptation.

… that agility requires combining methods, structures, principles and values in alignment with an agile mindset. Individuals on all levels need to revisit their fundamental assumptions and embedded beliefs.

… that to close the gap between innovative, agile teams and the established core business, companies need to continuously adapt structures and processes in a holistic manner.

We guide our clients in the transition towards an agile organisation

  • We develop a blueprint for the future operating model that will be refined continuously.
  • We engage in disruptive interventions on a small scale to accelerate the transition and enable quick iterative learnings.
  • We combine a systemic perspective with local ownership to help our clients build the capability of continuous, proactive adaptation in teams at the firm level.
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