Sustainable growth

At Implement, we firmly believe that companies must be profitable and allowed to grow. However, that should not be at the expense of the environment and society.

Therefore, we support sustainably operating companies to improve their go-to-market approach and grow sustainably by connecting mastery areas in Sustainability and Commercial Development.

Supporting your sustainable growth journey

At Implement, we support companies in commercialising their sustainable solutions to generate sustainable growth.

We help you understand your market and customer segments as well as their preferences towards sustainability. In this way, you can identify your levers for sustainable growth and build up the preferences in your product and service offerings to develop a unique and sustainable value proposition.

We can assist you in designing the appropriate go-to-market approach and a sustainable customer journey – and implement a sustainable sales operating model, changing your way of selling.

Key Questions that we help our clients answer:

1. Sustainable growth

How do you connect the dots between the Sustainability Strategy and the Commercial Strategy?

2. Sustainability as a driver

How do you make sustainability a driver for growth and profitability?

3. Market differentiator

How do you reflect your sustainability efforts in your value proposition and used them to differentiate your company in the market?

4. Sustainable growth mindset

How do you equip your commercial organisation with a sustainable growth mindset?

5. Sustainable operating model

How do you build sustainable value-based sales operating models to change the way of selling towards sustainability?

6. Running sustainable growth

How do you run your sustainable growth transformation from being part of the problem to being part of the solution?

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See how we helped clients with their sustainable growth:

Creating an organisation aligned with value creation


Our client had recently changed its overall strategy with the goal of becoming the leading energy partner in its customers’ transition to decarbonised energy consumption. Its existing organisation was not, however, streamlined to customer needs and opportunities and did not support the value creation potential.

Our client’s management needed alternative options for its organisational design, as well as a specification of the option that was chosen.

After having developed alternative options, we specified the new organisational chart, functional descriptions, main KPIs, business unit interfaces, a new operational model and identified gaps in capabilities.

As a result, the company implemented a new agile and customer-centric sales organisation, enabling the company to become its customers’ preferred energy partner in its decarbonisation journey – creating a growth potential for the company.

Overcoming the paradox of energy-saving investments

Case: A consortium of leading building material manufacturers

Buildings have great energy-saving potential. Many energy-saving investments are economically feasible and have additional advantages such as an improved indoor climate and reduced environmental impact. Yet, paradoxically, very few investments in energy savings in existing buildings are made.

Our client, a consortium of leading building material manufacturers, set itself the ambitious task of developing a business model which could overcome the barriers and unlock the potential on commercial terms. The core challenge was to develop a “non-existing product” for a “non-existing market”. We helped the consortium solve the challenge by applying business innovation tools.

The project delivered an analysis of the potential European market, prototypes of value propositions for each segment and prototypes of business models. Today, the consortium manages energy refurbishment investments in the selected pilot segment for 300 MDKK annually.

Improving win rate and beating competition

Case: A client in an over-capacity market

Our client wanted to improve its win rate and beat competition in an over-capacity market. Together with the client, we applied the must-win deals sales approach to add structure to the art of outside-in selling. This implied that we co-created “The Way We Win Business” through the application of real live sales cases – establishing a clear and shared sales approach, terminology and toolbox.

“The Way We Win Business” is a key contributing factor to a 30% improved win rate in a commoditised, over-capacity market, and the company today consistently creates the highest backlog relative to its size in the industry.


Commercial Growth

Organic growth is the oxygen of organisations

It is the proof that we keep a faster pace of change and innovation than the competition. Yet successful growth is not a “happy accident”. You need to design for it. It is a systemic capability that requires the right processes, systems and culture to support it. Only then can companies turn their commercial ambitions into real-life results.

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