Strategy in a Digital Age

Strategy in the digital age is about making innovation and digital everyone’s job in your organisation. The right strategy helps you infuse big bet thinking in your strategic choice-making and execute fast to learn rapidly in the VUCA world.

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Martin Lyngaa Simonsen
René Bach Lundgaard

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Customer value is still king, but new technology changes the game

The future is about winning the digital customer/consumer and exploiting existing potential from technology. However, 70% of initiatives in companies are about getting on par and reacting to, rather than designing the future. This means that incumbents do not know how to or struggle to make decisions and execute fast in this new digital era.

Unleash growth potential by exploring, assessing and adapting to new technologies and business models

Implementing successful strategies for the digital age consists of five elements:

(1) Creating relevant insight into your case and defining the role of digital in your organisation.

(2) Identifying new business opportunities where technology meets demand and design options/bets.

(3) Prototyping in order to learn rapidly from the preliminary choices made.

(4) Developing the organisation in terms of governance and capabilities.

(5) Repeating elements 1-4, learning, scaling and accelerating through insight gained.