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Implement helps you avoid the execution trap and maximise return on strategy.


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Torbjörn Månsson

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We help you deliver sustainable impact from your winning strategies

According to an old saying “insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” If the saying is true, strategy implementation is insane. Research shows that more than 70% of all strategies fail to achieve their desired objectives.

All too often, we see ambitious strategies realised through fuzzy implementation efforts and broken execution models. The end result is too many initiatives, conflicting goals, an unaligned leadership team, disengaged employees, a lack of resources and too much reliance on simplistic performance management. These are just some of the symptoms that emerge during the life and death of a poorly managed strategy implementation.

We believe that there is a better approach to creating strategy impact. Based on Implement’s expertise within strategic transformations and partnerships with leading strategy thinkers such as Roger Martin, Gary Hamel and Clayton Christensen, we have developed a strategy implementation model that will help you drive success.

Key services

  • Strategy implementation model design
  • Strategy execution management
  • Post-merger integration