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Implement helps you unfold future possibilities and make clearly defined strategic choices that will help your company win customers over competition.


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Torbjörn Månsson

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We help you design winning strategies

A winning strategy is the key to create long-term competitive advantage and to deliver superior financial returns.

Your strategy must clearly articulate your winning aspiration, where you will play, how you will win, which capabilities you will need and the management systems you must put in place. Moreover, your strategic choices must effectively cascade all the way from the corporate level through business units to the individual level to empower all stakeholders to make the right choices.

Implement supports your strategy process through balancing creative and analytical thinking when designing strategic options. We prototype possible futures to make strategy tangible. We use fact-based tests to validate strategic choices. And we make sure that the winning strategy is cascaded to all levels of the organisation to make the strategy live every day and create sustainable impact.

Our strategy approach has been co-developed with the world’s leading management thought leader on Strategy, Roger Martin.

Key services

  • Agile strategy and strategic problem-solving
  • Corporate strategy, business unit strategy and functional strategy
  • Strategy capability building