Staying ahead in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry faces drastic yet exciting changes

Community Owners

Enabled by advances in digital devices, patients expect increasing transparency and say in their treatment journey. For healthcare providers, this means an ever more patient-centric service with the patient and other key stakeholders as active co-navigators in their journeys. Moreover, easier information access and rapid information flow put constant pressure on the performance of healthcare organisations.

At the same time, cost reduction is still a big challenge. Governments track spending carefully – if not reducing healthcare subsidies overall – and new high-tech medicine and therapies drive up costs.

Moreover, trends such as demographic changes and an increase in chronic diseases force healthcare providers to rethink and reshape organisational structures and processes.

Key challenges and how we can help you stay ahead

Make patient satisfaction part of your DNA

It has never been easier for patients to rate their healthcare provider along variables that go far beyond treatment results. New digital devices such as sensors and health apps empower patients to take health into their own hands. Implement can help you reimagine and optimise your key patient journeys to deliver the ultimate patient experience. We offer patient journey mapping and value proposition design.

Turn the sales wheel

With healthcare becoming more commoditised, competition is accelerating. Depending on which country you are located in, you also deal with the referrers being important sales drivers. Implement can help you build and sustain best-in-class commercial capabilities to drive up your sales. We offer go-to-market strategy, sales acceleration and profit optimisation.

Become data-driven

Healthcare providers realise that big data analytics and artificial intelligence will be major drivers of growth and innovation. Thereby, most industry players are just at the cusp of going digital. A siloed and inconsistent approach to data management is prevalent. Implement can help you become data-driven, impacting your top and bottom line. We offer data and analytics strategy, data management and business intelligence, leveraging a sprint-based approach.

Improve operational efficiency

With new medical treatments on the rise and the need for long-term care, costs are predicted to grow further. Governmental subsidy cuts on top force healthcare providers to create processes as lean as possible, while ensuring the highest possible level of patient satisfaction. Implement can assist you in improving operational performance. We offer end-to-end process transformation, robotics automation, operations and performance management as well as Lean training.

Create high-performance organisations and teams

To react to trends, such as outpatient treatment or ecosystem formation, agile yet resilient organisations need to be developed. All change starts and ends with people, and we can facilitate and advise you on the journey of creating the culture that is fit for humans and fit for the future. We offer organisational design with a focus on strategic agility, leadership development and large-scale upskilling through development of learning academies.

Navigate into the future

Recent developments, such as an increase in chronic diseases and greater decision power by patients, encourage healthcare providers to agree to a new strategic direction and rethink their business models. Implement can assist you in translating strategic goals into programmes of change and subsequently ensure impact through effective execution. We offer strategy development with our established framework, leveraging “playing to win”, business transformation, cost-cutting and turnaround best practices.