Service Operations Footprint

Service Operations Footprint is the discipline of moving, consolidating, improving or establishing a new service delivery unit. It can be done domestically as well as globally.

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Increased globalisation and an increased focus on quality service deliveries are a challenge for the current service delivery models of many organisations. As a consequence, business units across locations need to play together, learn from each other or sometimes merge in order to deliver maximum customer value at a reasonable cost. We help organisations succeed with 1) establishing new business units in new locations, 2) transitioning new services/activities across existing locations in the organisation and 3) creating a strong operating system in one or several locations to enable, sustain and further improve performance.

Deciding on the new location is more than a cost perspective. An intensive location study should cover market needs and match the long-term strategy of the company, hence the decision is made at the highest level.

When transitioning new services across existing locations, many elements need to be considered, including knowledge transfer that emphasises the receiver organisation’s capabilities.

Finally, there should only be one operating system across the locations, not only to reduce complexity and become more agile as an organisation, but rather to make sure that each location speaks the same “language” and can collaborate efficiently.