Sales Transformation

Are you looking for ways to rapidly increase revenue and ignite growth?

Transforming your sales force to do this is not only about sales training. It requires strong and focused sales leadership and a robust organisational model that caters for efficient sales operations.

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We help you increase revenue and establish a strong sales operating model

Revenue growth is basically a matter of improving one of four revenue drivers in the revenue equation:

  1. The average number of sales opportunities,
  2. The average win rate,
  3. The average size of the deals and
  4. The length of the sales cycle 

Many organisations struggle with one or more of the four revenue drivers, thus leading to a vast untapped potential for revenue growth. This often happens due to a suboptimal configuration of either their sales force, sales strategy, sales channel or sales leadership approach.

By creating a strong sales operating model where the sales strategy is closely aligned with the way you are selling and your sales leadership approach, you will be able to create rapid and sustained revenue growth.

We have helped our clients increase their top line by 10-15% within one year

Through our proven concepts, we have helped numerous organisations transform negative growth rates to double-digit top-line growth within 6-12 months (depending on industry).