Risk Transformation

We help you become resilient and overcome future risk challenges

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Anders Stengel Ziegenhagen
Morten Weesgaard Christensen

We help you become resilient and overcome future risk challenges

In the financial services industry, the ever-increasing pressure of the regulatory landscape is often challenging, and striking the right balance can be difficult.

Understanding your risk picture

To be one step ahead of the regulatory development, you need to have a complete and accurate understanding of the risk picture throughout your supply chain. And you need to constantly ensure that you adjust controls and mitigate actions according to your risk appetite.

Have you considered the following risk challenges?
  • With increased market stress and interest rate hikes, are you comfortable with your credit risk management?
  • Following the FSA’s inspection reports, are you confident that your model governance is on a par?
  • Are you getting sufficient value from your outsourcing and third-party risk management? It should drive value, not just manual-heavy processes.
  • The whole world is blasting through ESG initiatives, but can you manage the related risks? If so, can you do it digitally and holistically?

We help you manage your risk and become resilient

At Implement, we are specialised in helping you ensure a balanced and effective way of managing your risks while being compliant with regulation and meeting the expectations of the regulator and society.
We can help you effectively manage your risks and become resilient for the future based on extensive knowledge and industry expertise. Together, we can reframe and rethink how you as an organisation operate and get the most out of your resources, all the while maintaining customer centricity by having your core business at heart. We call it risk transformation.

You are offered a co-created solution through a collaborative way of working

Working with you on a project, you will get to work in a close and collaborative joint client/consultant team supported by strong facilitation capabilities.

We encourage this form of collaborative cooperation to ensure full business impact. This also means that you are not given an off-the-shelf solution, but offered a co-created solution that we together adapt to your organisation’s specific strategic ambitions, processes, data and people.

You are guaranteed subject matter expertise built on unique, extensive financial industry knowledge and thought leadership

We understand the increasing pressure on compliance and the associated costs and risks you are facing, drawing on our extensive financial industry knowledge from both consulting and working with financial organisations. Guided by our risk experts, you will be supported in navigating and embracing the ever-evolving complexity of business regulations.

Our ambition is to challenge conventional thinking, offering you a different perspective on your risk challenges that leaves you thinking differently.

You will experience behavioural change that is meaningful by putting people at the heart of the process

Helping you manage your risks and become resilient demands new ways of working in your organisation. New ways of working that will drive meaningful behavioural change. Therefore, we have a strong focus on involving the right people and ensuring ownership of the strategic change from the very beginning of every project.

Focusing on people and impact, you will not experience getting an off-the-shelf report for you and your organisation to implement. Instead, together, we will co-create a solution that is both fitted to your organisation and to the humans working there, supporting you in becoming resilient and future fit.

We help you within three main areas

Financial risk management
  • Model risk management: Establish a robust model risk management operating model that enables you to comply with increasing regulatory requirements and perform model validations for all types of financial models.
  • Market risk: Transform your market risk management framework (including models, governance, processes, data and reporting) to comply with both Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) requirements and Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book (IRRBB) requirements.
  • Credit risk and counterparty risk: Address regulatory requirements, best practices and risk appetite constraints by evaluating, designing and implementing a robust credit risk management framework that encompasses governance, processes, models, data and reporting.
Non-financial risk management
  • Third-party risk management: Effectively and credibly demonstrate to governing bodies and other stakeholders that you have the appropriate outsourcing framework in place to assess, monitor and quality-assure your outsourced function.
  • ESG risk management: Successfully integrate sustainability risk factors into your organisation’s existing risk management framework. We ensure that the environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy is operationalised based on our extensive experience with transformational journeys.
  • Enterprise risk and resiliency: Successfully navigate in future business disruptions and achieve business resilience. We help you adapt to a new mindset that emphasises the IT agility needed.
Compliance and financial crime
  • Regulatory compliance: Work with regulatory compliance to enhance your organisation’s operating model, mature your control function and ensure that you are fit for the future. We assess mandate and responsibilities from top to bottom of your organisation and analyse potential solutions combined with the overall operating model to mature your compliance organisation.
  • Preventing financial crime: Effectively and efficiently protect your organisation against financial crime.

    By co-developing a focused defence mechanism, we will enable you to:
    1) Assess the relevant external threats.
    2) Adjust your business risk.
    3) Enhance the level of risk awareness among your employees and the culture you are fostering.