Retail with impact

Implement offers a 360-degree view of your retail business and can help you create a strategy towards growth and design relevant omni-channel customer journeys with commercial levers and operational enablers aligned in an agile, digital and profitable business model.

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How to navigate in a disrupted retail world

In retail, there is a constant need for a parallel focus on both strategic and tactical play aiming at short-term impact and long-term relevance to your consumers.

At Implement, we work together with our clients to make the choices needed to grow the top line and safeguard liquidity. We make sure to have our eyes on short-term impact and long-term relevance, which is a complex task that demands a certain skillset.

We help companies design, prototype and valuate the opportunities that arise from the current disruption on the retail scene and actively use it as an occasion to change the game and prepare for the new normal of retail demand.

In our 360-degree view of how to win in retail, you need to master five key elements:

  1. You need to have a clear strategy for where to play and how to win – and make sure that you have made clear choices that will allow you to create impact and sense in a transformation from top floor to shop floor.
  2. You need to have a systemic process in place for how to develop and grow your business, which allows you – in short learning loops – to have your employees and customers engaged to maintain the pace of change and innovation in your business model.
  3. You need to constantly rewire and digitise the core of your business model and tap into the digital age of consumers with relevant digital enablers of the customer journey as well as focus investment in digitalisation of the commercial and operational enablers in your retail business model.
  4. You need to balance your operations and create efficiency in your supply chain as well as deliver products and services at an increased speed and at a reduced cost.
  5. You need to lead your business and empower your employees to take charge of the needed change in order to create a retail organisation that is fit for humans, fit for the future and relevant to consumers.
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