Project Portfolio Management

Implement Consulting Group can provide insights and tools for how to successfully execute strategy and ensure that the desired impact is created through project portfolio management.

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Niels Teilberg Søndergaard

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We help organisations convert strategy into impact

Most companies and organisations know their businesses and the strategies required for success – however, they often struggle to translate strategy into impact.

Our mission is to help organisations align investments in projects, programmes and operations with strategy through portfolio management.

We believe that it is essential to:
  • Create transparency and ownership in the project portfolio to obtain the right balance of projects that enables the organisation to achieve its strategy.
  • Establish a common language and simple governance across the entire company to enable the right people to make the right decisions together.
  • Have a clear overview of the allocation of resources, determine running costs and ensure that the right resources are available.
  • Build the right capabilities across the organisation to continue improving project execution.
  • Focus on benefits from the beginning of all projects by making the business case the driver of projects.