Procurement Strategy & Transformation

Enabling procurement organisations to deliver bottom-line and top-line impact.

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Fleur Benedicte Kromann Heineke

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Unlock the full potential of your procurement organisation through integration of procurement across core business processes

Leading procurement functions contribute to the overall business strategy, growth agenda and competitive advantage of the company, allowing procurement leaders to expand their focus from cost to enabling innovation, agility and supply certainty.

Integrating procurement in core business processes significantly contributes to a company’s overall value creation by bridging supplier market insight and innovations with internal business capabilities. By enabling end-to-end collaboration and interaction, procurement gains deep insights into the capabilities of the supplier market. Successful procurement organisations leverage this insight to improve own products and services. The potential results include improved cost and quality as well as agility, reliability, flexibility, efficiency, sustainability and reduced risk.

We support companies in realising the full potential of procurement by enabling procurement organisations to deliver real value across business processes as well as effectively driving out costs from spend categories.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Diagnostic toolkits – Quantitative and qualitative assessments identifying the functional improvement potential of the procurement function and practices, including processes, analytics, management practices, mindset and behaviours, and capabilities.
  • Sourcing excellence – Optimising spend categories, unlocking potential by integrating collaborative optimisation tools, category playbooks and advanced analytical tools.
  • Organisational design and leadership – Developing agile and resilient organisations and teams that are fit for the future. All change starts and ends with people. Our value proposition addresses organisational design, transformations, leadership development and functional capabilities through development of learning academies.
  • Transformations – Unlocking human and business potential – in that order. We design a coherent vision for procurement and step-change aspiration, the implementation road map and a change management strategy. We are committed to leaving people and organisations in a truly better place: more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.
  • Digitalisation – Maximise procurement impact by integrating digital tools and deploying an agile digital operating model to digitalise the bottom line.