Process way of working

Supporting organisations to develop company processes into a competitive advantage.

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We help organisations leverage processes to gain a competitive advantage

Today, organisations are pushing digital agendas and transforming their operating models to adapt and scale their business. This requires REAL change and a process way of working is the key for this.

A process way of working entails the following:
  • When digitising you cannot rely on good leadership or a strong culture – having the right processes are a game changer for how well you will succeed in both the short and long term.
  • Business conditions are increasingly uncertain – a process way of working enables you to increase your organisation’s agility in scaling up/down.
  • Developing a process-oriented organisation does not only increase performance in the short term – a process way of working becomes a unique competitive advantage, delivering performance higher than peers year on year
“Changing hearts and minds and getting thousands of people to walk in the same direction is not for the faint-hearted nor is it easy – but it is very rewarding.”

COO, Keith Svendsen, APM Terminals

What does it take for organisations to maximise their process potential?

Transforming into a process-focused organisation requires real change and top management commitment.

At Implement, we use a structured approach to assist you in becoming a process-focused organisation. Our approach consists of five elements:

  1. Process architecture
  2. Data-driven process performance
  3. Process-focused organisation
  4. Improvement engine
  5. Process behaviour

Together, the five building blocks in the Process Way of Working framework will help you accelerate the process foundation and behaviour of your organisation.

Download the extended Process Way of Working framework here.

Behavioural change as the main driver of any change

To ensure lasting change in the hearts and minds of people, you must recognise that behavioural change is the main driver of any change.

Therefore, we always apply three enabling principles throughout the Process Way of Working model:

  1. Human digitisation
  2. Teams with aligned autonomy
  3. Making change brain-friendly