People Analytics

Greater insight into people and behaviour by combining data science with people management.

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Julius Myrup Opstrup

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The impact of data and information is revolutionising the way business decisions are made. People analytics helps organisations make smarter, more strategic and informed people decisions.

By incorporating people analytics, we can gain an unprecedented understanding of how people work and collaborate, creating actionable insights to build more effective and productive organisations and taking the guesswork out of important people decisions.

Impact through people analytics

At Implement, we offer a suite of people analytics products, applying sophisticated data science to help organisations manage their people more efficiently and effectively.

  • Deliver knowledge-based impact.
  • Use data to improve people-related decisions.
  • Keep up to date through clear talent dashboards.
  • Benchmarking to understand how your organisation compares with similar workplaces.

Our offerings

Our analytical suite ranges from dashboard metrics to predictive behavioural analytics. We provide deep insights into people data by using predictive modelling techniques on multiple integrated data sources.

People analytics can support everything from operations and management to talent acquisition and financial performance.