Organisational Agility

Developing organisations with a backbone of agility
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Achieving Organisational Agility will enable organisations to be responsive and change direction faster. This state is characterised by stable internal systems with the ability to absorb and adjust for both internal and external feedback.

We build Organisational Agility

The capabilities required for Organisational Agility can be acquired over time in all parts of your organisation.

We support organisations in ensuring a continuous effort to establish a backbone of agility. A strong backbone of agility will assist your organisation in developing the right solutions faster to maintain relevance to your customers.

What does Organisational Agility look like?

When defining Organisational Agility, we look for the following visible traits in organisations.

The 5 traits of an agile organisation:
  • Is organised around customer needs
  • Can shift direction
  • Works in autonomous units
  • Can make decisions fast at all levels
  • Continuously develops

How to steer the transformation towards Organisational Agility

When developing Organisational Agility, we initiate five transformational tracks to develop the agile backbone. Each track holds a series of activities to support your transformation.

The five transformation tracks are:
  1. Strategy
  2. Processes
  3. Organisation
  4. People and leadership
  5. Enablers