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Implementing operations management with focus on effect and behaviour

Implement Consulting Group can provide you with operations management know-how and tools and thereby help you on your journey towards increasing productivity, quality and delivery time performance as well as boosting the continuous improvement of daily operations.

Daily focus on operational performance and leadership

We believe that behaviour and habits relating to our operational tools are underestimated, even though they ultimately drive the impact of the change. We aim to deliver the “hardware” together with the “software, enabling people in organisations to improve business performance by working in a systemic and structured manner – both at operational, tactical and strategic level.

Effects are manifold and range from productivity increases of up to 20%, to improved quality, shorter delivery times and increased employee engagement in continuous improvement activities.

Key mechanisms underlying operations management
  • Increased customer centricity by adapting the production of services to actual customer demand and needs rather than internal considerations.
  • Clear overview of daily operations as decision support for planning, prioritisation and follow-up.
  • Involvement of employees by creating a collaborative culture that questions and challenges performance.
  • Development of habits that improve operational performance, processes and management systems every day.