New Behaviour and motivation

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Mads Ingemann Herskind

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By reshaping the way we think about progress, we can improve every workday, sustainable growth and productivity. For us, progress is about increasing well-being in organisations by applying new habits, new ways of working, new behaviours and much more intrinsic motivation.

Drawing on ideas from psychology, biology, and neuroscience, we create practical strategies that will help people in organisations master the tiny behaviour patterns that lead to remarkable results. Typical themes we work with include:

  • Behavioural design through everyday interventions – Mitigating change barriers, analysing habit loops, testing interventions and finding and designing lasting behavioural changes to implement improvement initiatives and changes.
  • Motivational leadership and psychological safety – Strengthening awareness of motivational drivers and specific leadership behaviours to evoke more intrinsic motivation and thereby increase performance, productivity and employee engagement.
  • Work environment, mental and physical health and resilience – Developing and testing effective and sustainable interventions to create a better work environment, promote a healthier work life and create circumstances that empower you to bring your best self to work
  • Creating meaning and better dialogues – Strengthening collaboration and communication, by actively working with changing conversations into more real and honest conversations and feedback dialogues.