Linking Customer Experience to Core Value Streams

Mapping the customer journey and customer insights will better guide your improvement initiatives and create a lot more impact and value – for you AND the customer. We can help you and increase your EBITA on the way.

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Few companies use the customer journey to focus on improvement initiatives

63% of companies map customer journeys, but 59% of middle managers claim they don’t know how to take action on customer insight in their daily work.

95% of companies collect customer data and feedback, yet only 10% claim they use the customer feedback to drive change in their organisations.

Those who do can expect growth of their EBITA

By matching true customer experience and expectations with key customer touchpoints (moments of truth), you will increase your NPS. The NPS growth leads to increasing loyalty and retention, share of wallet and acquisition from referral and finally top-line growth.

By linking customer experience delivery to core processes and quality excellence, you will achieve far more efficient operations with shorter lead times, increased quality and lower customer complaints and failure demand and of course a cost reduction.

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