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How do we create organisations that are fit for the future and fit for humans?

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Succeeding with change and transformation projects requires focus on three overall tracks: functional expertise, project management as well as change management and change leadership.

However, we often see that the change initiatives are subject to “cost cutting”, or they become detached from the professional content of the project. Change often becomes an addition to instead of being incorporated into the organisation. At Implement, we are passionate about helping our clients determine how to create sustained impact from transformations effectuated in their organisation and about how leaders can embed change behaviour into their everyday leadership touchpoints.

When working with transformations in organisations, we have come to learn that building the capabilities to actually implement change (as opposed to just talking about it) requires skills and competences in not only change management and leadership but also facilitation. For several years, we have perfected the art of facilitating the following:

  1. Workshops
  2. Meetings
  3. Large-scale events
  4. Leadership summits

We aim to consistently create impact for our clients by enhancing the understanding and ownership of the changes. We have a passion for designing impactful workshops for our clients, and we are proud to present some of the best facilitators in the world.

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