Growth through Innovation

We help companies grow through innovation – grow their business, their capabilities and their people.

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René Bach Lundgaard
Erik Kayser

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What if you could create an entirely new business?

Innovation is crucial when developing your company to be fit for the future. You need to actively design the future in which your company will continue to grow and be profitable. We are here to help your company bring that new offering to life. Something that will eventually be the cornerstone of your company’s competitive edge.

Innovation in three powerful areas

Innovation on strategy – go from opportunity spaces to a set of attractive business concepts with an ambitious growth outlook.

Innovation on solutions – strong business concepts tested in the market to ensure product-market fit.

Innovation on capabilities – in the future, innovation is everyone’s job, and therefore everyone must master innovation.

Experiment like a start-up and learning by doing

We believe that building capabilities is something you do outside the classroom. We believe that corporations can be hypothesis-driven and run minimum viable product experiments outside the building – just like a start-up. Stay in BETA, and you will keep learning from the fringe.