Growth operating model

Strategy execution doesn’t exist. Organisations don’t really accomplish anything. Plans don’t accomplish anything, either. People do.

We believe that your growth operating model is the bridge between your strategy and your results. It is about unlocking your human potential to ignite growth for your business. Designing your unique operating model and capabilities that will transform your people and commercial organisation today into the growth engines of tomorrow.

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Growth operating model

It may sound obvious, but this is the hardest part of delivering your growth strategy and often the most overlooked

In most companies the organisational structure of the commercial functions hasn’t changed much over the past decades. Yet, what we do to engage customers has changed almost beyond recognition. Commercial tools and strategies that were cutting-edge just a few years ago are fast becoming obsolete, and new approaches are appearing every day. So WHAT we are doing has changed – yet HOW we are organised has not.

Commercial leaders know this is a problem. They understand that their operating models need an overhaul and are tearing up their organisation charts and processes. However, they are struggling with how to draw new ones.

We don’t believe there is a single operating model blueprint that exists

There is no silver bullet. It starts with understanding your growth strategy and your company’s DNA so we can design YOUR WAY.

Based on our experience, building a growth operating model consists of six elements.

  1. You must have the right people with the right commercial competencies and behaviour
  2. You need a solid governance structure with clear accountability
  3. Your culture should support the strategic objectives and allow for effective collaboration
  4. Your commercial processes must enable teams to respond to the market with agility, speed and efficiency.
  5. Your performance review structures need to support desired goals and behaviour.
  6. And you must have the relevant commercial tools and technology to support the business.

We often get the question – “does this pay off?”

In our experience, companies that invest in building their growth operating model are 3 times more likely to grow faster than the industry average.

Leaders tell us that the war on talent and The Great Resignation are keeping them up at night. And we know that employees who do not feel they are developing or well taken care of are 12 times more likely to leave.

So in our opinion, investing in building your growth operating model is the best growth investment you can make.

The question is – is your company really set up to support your Growth Strategy?

How we have supported clients within growth operating models

Product Lifecycle Excellence

Defined a 10-step product excellence operating model across 8+ divisions in a global manufacturing firm. Including implementation of new ways of working through tool and playbook development, as well as commercial academy training spanning three years.

Helped +100 individuals across 8+ divisions and +5 markets.

Scope: European

Organisational Design

Centralised the operating model of nine key markets to best leverage and integrate headquarter resources. The new organisational design included role descriptions and a specific roadmap to ensure effective execution.

Clearly defined tasks and accountability across commercial organization.

Scope: Global (9 markets)

Marketing Transformation

Enabled commercial transformation for a renewable materials company by designing a clear marketing operation model, including roles and responsibilities, clear stage gates and interfaces with other processes and functions. Developed a full marketing academy and rolled out to all marketeers across six divisions.

Helped 40+ individuals across six divisions.

Creation of the tool: “Way of Marketing”.

Scope: Europe

Capability Assessment

Identified the capabilities required to enable the execution of an identified strategic initiative. Including the development of business case, job descriptions, job locations and a roadmap to enable the implementation. 

Clear roadmap defined, including separate P&L for realising initiative.

Scope: Europe

Building strategic (commercial) capabilities

Defined the key commercial capabilities and specific behaviors needed to deliver on the overarching strategic ambition. The scope covered the identification of the key capabilities, design of learning concepts/ tools, running pilots in selected affiliates, and roll-out of capabilities across other affiliates.

Ongoing impact, with frontline in 10+ affiliates trained so far.

Scope: Global

Central vs. local setup

Built new operating model for a global marketing organisation. The project was anchored around the degree of central vs. local capabilities and ways of working.

Approved organisational blueprint.

Scope: European