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The start-up environment told us to “fail fast”. We believe that what you need is to “learn fast”.

The world is changing, and it’s changing fast. Consequently, no matter the organisation or organisational level, you need to be able to innovate and change in order to adapt to new ways of working.

We believe that by reshaping the way you think about learning, you can learn fast and thus make your organisation robust for the future.

Becoming a learning organisation is more important than ever.

We help you speed up learning by making it easy, fun and rewarding

We help you make learning easy, fun and rewarding by applying game elements to ignite your intrinsic motivation. That’s the kind of motivation you get by doing something simply for the sake of enjoyment.

When we gamify learning, typical themes include:

Self-directed learning

When you’re ready, that’s when you learn the most. Based on your readiness, you decide when, where and how often you want to learn.

Situational learning

If you regard a topic as relevant, the learning sticks. In our training, we focus on real-life cases in small bites that you can revisit repeatedly.

Social learning

You form your path of learning through your connections. We apply learning in interactions and engage your internal and global network for inspiration.

Engaging training

You do not learn by being “injected” with knowledge. To us, training is to ignite: we strive to inspire, motivate and create energy.

Gamified facilitation

Learning should be easy, fun and rewarding. We’re not great fans of learning that is “sit tight and listen”.

Spaced learning

When you learn, it happens in its own space and over time. Learning does not happen at this place at this moment – and we cannot rush it.