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We are a team of people dedicated to developing your customer service execution. We provide all types of services, from establishing entirely new functions to centralising, digitalising and improving soft and hard performance.

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Good customer service is much more than a cost centre

We see the conversations in customer service changing, turning towards an increased focus on customer experience and the way we interact with customers. Thus, today, delivering a great customer experience is just as important as cost efficiency, or perhaps even more important, and it is moving up in priority with management focusing on developing the organisation’s “face” towards customers. The front-runners of this development are companies, e.g. Amazon, who are “customer centric” in all aspects of their business.

Characteristics of excellence in customer service

Improving in customer service, we focus on helping your company create solutions that:

  • Are proactive.
    Making sure that all is done, so that customers do not need to contact us with “non-value-adding” requests.
  • Ease doing business.
    Creating a fast and brain-friendly channel setup, self-service, live chat, phone etc.
  • Qualify the right answer.
    Knowing how to solve the request the first time.
  • Add a human wow factor.
    Applying soft skills to solve the requests from customer interactions in a human way.

Good customer service: Six drivers to improve

We are a community of people who are dedicated to customer service, working with different drivers to develop your customer service delivery.

To us, the following are six drivers towards excellent customer service:

  1. Customer service strategy.
    What is your winning aspiration for customer service? How will you win? What customer service skills do you need, what capabilities must be developed and what roadmap will best get you there?
  2. Customer service footprint.
    Where is the best place for your company to have physical presence, taking qualified labour, cost, time zones etc. into account?
  3. Digitalisation.
    How to route from customer need to fix, development of channel setup, chatbots, self-service, internal and external knowledge base.
  4. Soft and hard skills.
    How do you make it easy for the employees to follow best practice? How do you continuously develop your employees’ soft and hard skills through training, structure and a feedback culture?
  5. Soft and hard leadership.
    How do you best match customer demands and resources through focused capacity management? How do you choose the right motivating KPIs? And how do you design team and individual touchpoints that ensure energy and traction?
  6. Customer-centric improvement culture.
    How do you make customer service a great place to work? How do you develop a culture that is great at both identifying where to improve and making it happen? How do you use both outside-in and inside-out perspectives?

We take an impact-driven approach

In all our projects, we believe in measuring the impact, because when we measure impact, we can see tangible evidence that the change has happened. When we start working with you, we therefore agree on the impact that you want to create and afterwards set up an impact case specifically designed for your improvement.

Within customer service improvement, we typically measure the impact by the following:

  1. Value per contact (added sales, safes etc.)
  2. Non-value contact volume reduction (phone, email etc.)
  3. Customer satisfaction improvement (CSAT, NPS etc.)
  4. Service level improvements (phone, email, chat, cases)
  5. Cost to service (handle time, utilisation, footprint optimisation)