Digital Marketing

B2B marketers who are measured on top-of-the-funnel metrics often stay in the shade of sales. To become an irreplaceable companion for sales, marketing must demonstrate top-line value. Digital marketing tools enable that.

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Engage with customers early on in the buying process

Let us start with the facts:

Often, the result is a very price-driven conversation between you and your customer. Digital marketing allows laser-sharp customer segment targeting: the right geography, industry, stakeholder title and seniority etc. Coupled with personalised content relevant to their individual pains and gains, you have the opportunity to educate them about your value proposition in the crucial first 57% of the buying process. This changes the conversation for sales lower in the funnel from being price-driven to value-driven.

At Implement, we can help you drive commercial value from digital marketing efforts by providing you with tools and processes that will break down silos between marketing and sales and uncover your company’s potential within digital marketing.


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