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We help companies succeed – by applying deep expertise in enterprise architecture, technology transformation and optimisation

Are you struggling with an inefficient tech landscape in your company? Do you find it difficult to manage and analyse your application portfolio effectively? Are you unsure of how to develop a robust cloud strategy for your business needs? Are you facing challenges in migrating your systems to the cloud securely, seamlessly and in a financially attractive way? Do you want to improve your company and solution architecture for better performance and profitability?

If you can recognise some of these challenges at your company, you could very well benefit from engaging with our team of architecture and transformation experts.

Our expertise

We have developed the Implement approach to digital architecture and transformation over the last decade. We force ourselves to stay in beta and keep evolving our methods and approach to accommodate an ever-changing market. As we continue to learn from companies we have worked with, we try to consolidate our learnings into articles, playbooks, case studies etc. that we can share.

What can we achieve with a focused look at digital architecture and transformation?

Evolve your enterprise architecture capability

We offer a tailored approach to implement an EA capability in your organisation which is customised to fit the size and your unique needs. We have extensive experience in implementing EA in organisations of all sizes from small agile startups to large companies.

Envision target and transition architecture

We will work with you to define clear and comprehensive target architecture and a road map for your IT systems and infrastructure to arrive at the target. This typically includes recommendations for technology solutions, processes and standards. Every organisation is different, which is why our Target and Transition Architecture service is fully customisable and always based on industry and domain experience.

Analyse application portfolio

Introducing our powerful Application Portfolio Analysis service – a solution to optimise your software portfolio and drive growth. Staying competitive requires continuous innovation and agility. But with so many software applications in use, it can be difficult to keep track of what is working and what is not. We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your application portfolio, evaluating each application based on factors such as cost, complexity, overlap and business impact.

Utilise EA management tools such as LEANIX

As your business grows, or when you face complex changes, so does your IT ecosystem, which can quickly become complex and difficult to manage. With lean EA management tools, such as LEANIX, you can gain a holistic view of your IT landscape, allowing you to identify redundancies, streamline processes and optimise costs.

With LEANIX, you will gain visibility into your entire IT portfolio from strategy, capabilities, processes and applications to integrations, infrastructure and data flows. This comprehensive view allows you to make data-driven decisions, optimise your resources and drive innovation. We have comprehensive best practice experience in defining and implementing LEANIX.

Cloud strategy, migration and architecture

A cloud strategy and migration offers many benefits, from increased scalability and flexibility to reduced costs and improved security. But without the right strategy and governance in place, it can also lead to unexpected expenses and compliance risks. That is where our cloud strategy, migration and architecture expertise come in.

We work as part of your team to develop a comprehensive migration strategy, including business cases that are tailored to your business needs. We will also ensure that your cloud architecture is optimised for performance and cost with a focus on governance and financial management. Our team will help you identify potential cost savings and implement best practices to ensure that your cloud environment is secure and compliant.

Transition leadership

We offer a tailored approach to meet your unique needs, whether it is implementing new architecture, restructuring your existing architecture or transitioning your architecture through a merger or acquisition. Our experts will provide guidance and support every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition while minimising disruption to your operations. Our team of experienced architecture experts will work closely with your organisation to provide comprehensive enterprise architecture support throughout the transition process.

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