Differentiation and Branding

To be different is to not be the same. To be unique is to be one of a kind.

To be relevant is to meet customer’s needs and create superior value. To be meaningful is to make a difference to someone. We consider it all to be important in order to win in today’s competitive environment.

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Pernille Gjøls-Andersen

Community Owners

Do you need help activating your brand purpose and defining your winning value proposition?

The pressure for companies and brands to own unique value in the minds of customers and employees has never been greater – for the simple reason that the number of choices is increasing, and products and services are commoditised. We help companies stand out and stand up for what is important to win the hearts and minds of their customers. To enable companies to deliver superior customer value and differentiate to win.

We typically focus on four key areas that help strengthen your business
  • Brand identity – what is our overarching ambition and the purpose of what we do, and what is our attitude facing the world?
  • Differentiation and value proposition – what makes us create superior customer value, and what makes us stand out – and what value propositions do we need to develop for the future?
  • Brand and assortment excellence – how do we design and optimise our brand and product portfolio to excel and win in the market?
  • Launch and commercialisation – how do we design and execute the launch of new brands, products and business models for accelerated growth?