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At Implement Consulting Group, we acknowledge the importance of data and analytics, and we know that in a digital world, data are a key strategic asset, and analytics is a key capability. We help organisations become data-driven and create impact by optimising the entire data value chain.

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Dennis Møller Frederiksen

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If you want the full value of your data’s potential, you need strong capabilities in both data management and data analytics. Gathering data-driven business insights will help you improve your customer relations, increase your operational efficiency or even enable you to develop entirely new services.

Machine Learning in today's organisations

Using your data in new and innovative ways is likely the biggest opportunity you have

Data and analytics initiatives will only deliver business impact if they have a strategic, organisational and technical perspective – at least that is our experience. Working with you on data and analytics initiatives, we therefore always take a holistic approach.

We can assist you in building great data-driven solutions, but we can also help set the right direction for the enterprise, design a foundation for “one version of the truth” and implement new data-driven ways of working in the business.

We understand that data and analytics is – and should be – evolving into a core competence in many companies. For that reason, we have made it our business to help you grow your own internal data and analytics capabilities through close involvement of the business and strong collaboration with IT.

We prefer not to work for you but with you on your data journey.

Typically, we engage with you as a client within one of the following three themes:

1# Setting the strategic direction for data and analytics

We take one step back and define your data and analytics aspiration.

We help you identify and qualify the most relevant business use cases, define what concepts and capabilities are required, potentially even designing your data and analytics operating model, and put together a road map for your data and analytics journey ahead.

2# Designing the foundation for “one version of the truth”

We help you define “right-sized” concepts for master data management, data governance, enterprise information models, common data definitions and enterprise data architecture to ensure that your data is adequately harmonised and standardised across the enterprise.

3# Implementing business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions

We support you in building modern cloud-based data platforms for data integration, business intelligence platforms and solutions for decision support as well as data science and machine learning platforms and solutions for automating repetitive business decisions and for extracting hidden insights from large datasets.

We implement these data-driven solutions into your business operations by redesigning processes and behaviour.

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