Customer relationship management

CRM is not about IT. It is about creating value for your customers.

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Lene Bisgaard
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Most CRM implementations do not deliver the expected results, and the post-mortem talks often point to a combination of many and large issues piled up: technical issues, changed requirements, users losing interest, lack of mobility, project teams struggling with deadlines and stakeholders.

Orchestrate business, people and technology to create customer value

CRM implementations are tough and complex in nature and require you to design for a strong interplay between business, people and technology.

  • Business: The driver of CRM must be a clear commercial strategy laying out what customer experience you aim to create, no matter the touchpoint, channel or segment. Processes, behaviour and technology must follow.
  • People: CRM must help people in their daily work, help them perform better and help them continuously raise the bar for how they create outstanding customer experiences. System usage and adoption will follow.
  • Technology: Focus on making technology an enabler of strong commercial performance and with that inspire commercial transformation. Full utilisation of CRM features and functionalities will follow.

Implement can help you realise your CRM ambitions with a clear commercial strategy and strong methods for supporting CRM implementations that create both business and technological value.