Customer centricity and customer experience

Imagine if customer centricity could help turn your organisation into a true growth engine. An organisation where employees are living and breathing a customer-centric culture, and where all commercial functions work together as one, making organisational silos a thing of the past.

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Customer centricity and CX

For the past 10 years, customer experience has been a growing hot topic that all businesses want to benefit from. And with good reason, because customer-centric companies are generally 60% more profitable. Simply because customers are willing to pay a premium price for a better customer experience, and happy customers stick around longer.

However, only 1/3 of organisations succeed with their customer experience initiatives.

We meet organisations with high CX ambitions and full leadership attention and commitment– but they haven’t been able to provide a clear direction and motivation for their employees to change their behaviour and work in new customer-focused ways. The biggest challenges companies face in delivering great customer experiences are: 

  1. A lack of customer-centric capabilities
  2. Organisational silos
  3. And a general lack of engagement from employees.

This presents a big opportunity – because we know that when employees are fully engaged, we see a 70% success rate. So if you as a leader can manage to get employees motivated and engaged and eliminate organisational silos, there is a good chance you will succeed in delivering a strong customer experience that will set you apart from the competition.

So how do businesses unlock customer-centric growth potential?

It starts with setting the foundation – co-creating a clear and inspiring aspiration for your organisation. Then truly understanding your customers, their needs, their customer journeys and how you are currently performing across the moments that matter.

After setting the foundation, you need to make it happen. To use your understanding of your customers’ needs and expectations to design a future-fit customer experience. And perhaps most importantly, to enable your organisation to deliver this desired customer experience in an efficient and effective way. That means helping employees across all functions to build up customer-centric capabilities and ensuring that leadership steers customer-centricity in all conversations in the organisation. Lastly, you need to ensure that you have the right tools and technology to enable the organisation to act with unwavering customer focus in all situations.

Customer-centricity is a strategy. It’s not an activity, it is a strategic choice

If you are serious about differentiating with a great customer experience, think not only about setting the right foundation but also about how to make your organisation truly customer-centric at all levels and across all functions. Consider how to make customer-centricity a movement for everyone at the company to rally around. A movement where everyone knows how to contribute and collaborate across the organisation to achieve the common goal. That is the key to truly unlocking your customer-centric growth potential.

How we have supported clients with customer centricity and customer experience


End-2-End CX optimisation

Helped a payment company optimise processes and improve customer experience by conducting design and customer journey workshops while evaluating internal processes and customer experiences.

Catalogue of +30 initiatives to reduce lead time by 25% and a new setup for business process ownership

Scope: Scandinavian

Key customer segment insights

Supported a global renewable materials company in its ambition of using outside-in customer insights to understand key customer segments and increase their segment-specific revenue growth.

Understood and communicated target customers needs and barriers when purchasing solutions

Scope: European

Customer-centric Employee Mindset

Facilitated a process for the board of directors of a large energy company to develop joint service priorities to achieve more satisfied customers and decrease churn by overcoming the lack of joint service priorities in relation to Sales & Distribution.

Conducted large-scale training events. Within 6 months, 70% of behavioural objectives had been achieved compared to an average of 52%.

Scope: Global

Fighting commoditisation

Redesign the sales organisation of an express courier. The goal was to achieve 10% organic growth within a year by designing a Commercial Acceleration engine. The key deliverables included designing winning value propositions and training of frontline sales employees.

Achieved differentiation in the market and increased loyalty

Scope: Scandinavian

Competitiveness through CX

Helped a leading European Job portal secure its position and differentiate from the competition by delivering outstanding customer service. The focus was on understanding customer segments, customer journeys and key touchpoints.

Delivered a clear customer journey and a design of unique experiences resulting in an 8% increase in customer satisfaction

Scope: European


Helping a company gain customer attention thanks to well-designed customer journeys

We helped a company offering aftersales services to be more attractive to new car buyers. By mapping customer journeys, the largest potential for gaining and retaining aftersales customers was identified.

Implementation of two important touchpoints and reduced costs due to digitalisation

Very high customer attention (78% opening rate and 54% click rate)

Designing the future CX service delivery model across business units

We helped a bank deliver consistent customer experience across three business units. The project aimed at designing a new service delivery model with fewer points of contact with the customers.

Identification of interrelated touchpoints and service performance gaps

Design of a new organisational structure and customer processes

Discovering customer needs and unlocking their potential

We enhanced the company’s understanding of what customers want where and when. Customer segments and customer journeys were prioritised and selected journeys were redefined.

Establishment of a common language regarding customer needs and interactions

Increase of customer satisfaction by 8% after implementing half of the measures

Reducing cost and raising service levels with lean programme

We supported a company in starting a Lean program for the business area of claims handling. The programme included strategic goals cascading through the organisation with a cockpit of live KPI tracking.

Improvement of quality in claim handling by 100% and employee satisfaction by 16%

Improvement of productivity by 36% and reduction of costs by 14M DKK per year

Re-establishing the market position through a more customer-driven approach

The company showed declining customer loyalty and differentiation from competitors. By conducting a customer analysis based on 7,000 interviews, we identified new competitive parameters.

Regain of market share within a geographical region as well as increase of cabin factor and yield

Rank among the top three most punctual airlines in Europe

Strategy and growth, built on customer insights

Learn how Implement helped Jysk create a "customer first" organisation.