Customer-centric transformation

Would you like to accelerate a customer-centric way of working in your organisation? We help you build customer-centric capabilities through an outside-in perspective in all touchpoints.
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Per Christian Vinnes

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Use customer-centric thinking to change behaviour in your organisation and drive profitable growth

If you are aspiring to drive impact and organisational transformation from customer insights, we can help you improve your organisation’s customer-centric mindset and customer-related prioritisations by creating a strong link between customer needs and end-to-end process improvement.

When working with us on projects, we will be co-creating the project with you and your organisation using the following methods and tools:

  • Customer segmentation and prioritisation
  • CX maturity assessment
  • Customer journey design
  • Touchpoint optimisation
  • End-to-end process mapping and customer-driven process design and improvement, touchpoint optimisation etc.
  • Digitalisation of the customer journey and internal process
  • Customer-driven product and service development
  • Customer-centric performance and governance structure
  • Anchoring a customer-centric mindset and thinking across organisations and functions

We will be diving into three key elements of success when creating a truly customer-centric culture:

  1. Foundation: Building true customer-centric capabilities to accelerate customer centricity in the organisation
  2. Outside-in: Understanding and activating customer needs through our way of operating (product development etc.)
  3. IInside-out: Optimising and developing new internal processes to adapt customer needs and expectations

You will meet a team with profound experience in working with all three elements and striking the right balance between outside-in (what is best for the customer) and inside-out (what is cost efficient). The team will assist you in transforming your organisational behaviour to create the right conditions for the employees to facilitate an experience that will be valued by customers, guided and supported by the right process setup based on true customer insights.

Why becoming obsessed with your customer is the way to win

  • Customer retention: Customers who have a high-quality experience are 2.7 times more likely to keep doing business with a brand*.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell potential: Customers who have a high-quality experience are 3.6 times more likely to buy additional products and services from a brand*.
  • More new customers: Positive word-of-mouth from happy customers accounts for about 3% of total customer experience-fuelled revenue potential in most industries*.

*Source: Forrester: Why And How To Lead A CX Transformation, June 2017


How we have helped other clients:

What if you could …
  • … differentiate yourself by creating an outstanding experience for your customers?
  • … get valuable insights into your customers’ journey with their buying process, needs and preferred channels?
  • … make use of these insights to serve existing customers better and reduce churn rates, as well as approach new customers?
  • … digitise the customer journey in favour of the experience and cost base?
  • … design your organisation and end-to-end processes from an outside-in perspective?
  • … be recognised for your organisation’s customer-centric mindset?
  • … know the difference between your customer segments and know where to focus first?